Poker Cards

When I was recalling back to my memories, I was so shocked that how much memories I seem to forget, and how less I seem to still remember. I started to dig into the relation of remembering and forgetting more, because I felt the idea of forgetting and remembering things are really interesting. I thought of the negative side and the positive side, and how the forgotten memories might as well be as important as the ones that I remember.

There are two sides in Poker Cards, Poker cards are something that I play a lot before, it is something fun. I wanted to present my memories by showing two sides of poker cards at the same time, the back represent the memories that I forgot or yet to be discovered; the fronts are the designs that I remember that happened before.

On each card I designed, there is an unique illustration to it, choosing the light rose pink and the serenity blue show an innocent illusion of my childhood. I wanted to present my childhood in a joyful way. The characters on the cards and the illustration almost forms a circle like shape, circle in Chinese can also relates to joy, this is why I made them this way. The motions of the characters are also really happy.

I found out I remembered less about my family when I was recalling my memories, so I decided to play this set of poker cards with my family.

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