Washington square park interview

We approached this lady that wore an orange one piece dress with a really big head piece and lots of silver accessories on her neck by asking her “Do you have any opinion towards the world or the society?” She answered with a high- pitched voice and said “I would be crazy if I say no.” She started to tell us so much about how she thinks the world is a mess right now, she talks about war, she talks about people she just saw on the streets. I was shocked by a fact that the lady told us, she said a news of forty thousand penguins swam and tried to get food but because of global warming the ice has melted, the penguins did not have ice to land on, at last, only two of them survived. I was so shocked by this news, and she said this news should be put on the title, but it’s not. She’s angry with the world, she gave us messages. This made me think about how less people care about the world and how serious global warming is.

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