Bridge 3: Short Story

On our bridge three project in Seminar class, we were assigned to write a short story collaboratively with the group members that we were put in from our studio class. My partners are Dolly and Nora, which we already as a three worked together in the previous project. So, we know each other pretty well and a tacit cooperation has already been built from the bridge 2 project.

The most challenging part is probably plotting the story, clear communication about the story plot, and having the story fluent and in a similar style as we are writing a story. After finishing the first draft, there were many mistakes and bugs, for example: because we are all writing three different parts of the story, the section where different parts are connected are often not fluent or lack of information. Throughout the story, we all used different grammar tenses. After realizing all these mistakes by peer critique, we all went back to revise it and back everything more thorough and fluent. We also added more texture to the story by adding more dialogue and flashback, all these improvements we would not have done because of the peer critique. I am really grateful for this. Finishing our story and reading it out loud is definitely the most rewarding part. It made me feel a great sense of commitment and group honor. I also learned a lot about story writing throughout this process as well.

Firstly, we all brainstorm together to come up with a reasonable and interesting story. We divided up the story plot into three sections, and each of us write one section. In the process of writing the essay, revising and proofreading. We communicate with each other in a group chat, to make sure we are all on the same page and the story plot we know are all the same. The communication and collaboration worked pretty well in our team, everyone works hard and we did not argue or have trouble communicating.

My contribution was to talk about the story plot together with them and tried to make sure everything made sense. I wrote one third of the story and I printed out the story on paper for my members. My most productive behavior was to make sure everyone finishes the story on time and make sure the points are communicated thoroughly.

If I could redo this project, I would make sure that the story plot and line was clear before we all write the first draft. So, mistakes like unclear story or not fluent would not had happened.

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