Throughout this collaborative studio and seminar course, I learnt that liberal arts and design are really inseparable, they complement and supplement each other. Designing and writing are all art, but in different form. From the bridge one project, the memoir, book cover design and the “I remember” essay really made me reflect back to some […]

Re-designing magazines

There are many social medias and magazines or books out there that gives out false information about whether on women body image, racism, or any other topics. We thought that issue is really serious and need a change to it. We decided to take the existing magazines that give out wrong information, and change it, […]

Peer to peer project

For this project, my partner is Dolly. I designed a gift for her. For Dolly, who seems like a really fashionable person to me, and also I think she has some really special and pretty shoes. I decided to design some postcards that has her shoes on it, to represent her and also to represent […]