Project Deconstruction

The project I chose was from my studio class last semester, called peer to peer; I was assigned a partner and had to make a gift based on my partner’s personality and needs. In addition, we also had a trip to MOMA, and we have to make the gift somehow related to a piece of art that my partner liked at MOMA. The professor gave us this task so we can learn how to communicate with a partner, to know their needs, and to design for someone, just like how designers work for their clients. Throughout this process of understanding and communicating with my partner, many skill sets were learned, for example: It is extremely important to understand your partner before any design or producing takes place. You have to understand the other one, to make something that perfectly match for he/ she, or even a group of people.

So, to start the project, I started by chatting and talking to my partner, as I didn’t know her before the project was assigned. She loves to travel, and she is really into fashion, she has really nice shoes too. So by relating to these factors, I decided to design a set of postcards that have the design of her shoes on them. This can relate to both of her interest, and is really handy.

For this project, I think the idea of designing for someone, something customized, and the process of getting to know someone, evenmore, becoming friends with one and another is something really beautiful. Not only that, I also learned a lot about communicating skills. This skill can definitely be used for all of my other project, and also in the future when I go to work. Although, communication skill has always been something that I lacked, but I have definitely improved.

During this process of making, I had a difficulty on printing and paper choosing. At first, I wanted a more glossy, postcard-like paper. But after many failures of trying at the school graphic lab, I decided to change the paper to a more matt material paper. The color printed out was a bit off, was duller than on my laptop, but the color was not bad. This lesson, I learned to buy few papers to tryout.

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