• What is the content of your artwork and how does it relate to your theme?
  • How does the material you used reinforce or strengthen the thematic content of your artwork?
  • If your artwork is to be placed into the general circulation of Visual Culture, where would it go, what would it do, who would see it and where might it end up?



I was inspired by Geta Bratescu’s artworks, which often show strong emotion through colour, lines and shapes. I am really drawn to her use of colors and the geometric shapes, to depict a character, such as the piece I saw at MOMA- Medea’s Hypostases. Although, in Medea’s Hypostases, Bratescu started with a bird view of a landscape, I relate it to cells. I tried to relate cells to personality and emotion. Humans are all form up by billions of cells, and every single cell is the reason of our existion. So, I think using cells to be a metaphor of emotion and personality is a fun way. I mad a little gif, for the cells that I created, I tried to show the little movement of the cells. By doing this, it is just like how humans changes their emotion and personality over time.

I used the question from my partner , what if it is a video, to complete my work.

If my artwork would be placed somewhere, I imagine it being projected on a big wall, in a really large size, with the small movements that the cells make. I think every age, gender, would be the audience, this is a piece that I think everyone can relate and enjoy.


final revision: bridge 1 – part II

For the revision, I improved my gif by making it a bit longer and I added more details to it. I did some small changes with the color too.

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