Questions for two diptychs




  • What conversation happened between each image in this diptych?

Different diptychs really make a piece look entirely different.

  • How was the medium selected successful at supporting the content of your object, form, or image? (if it was not as successful as others, why?)

The choice of heavy weight paper and slightly patterned give the piece great variety on texture and material, and it also gives the piece a great sense of depth.

  • How did the materiality (medium used) affect the content or meaning of the individual artworks?

The materiality affects the feeling of the overall cellular structure, the flat two dimensional paper gives the cells a flatter and plain but having some texture within.

  • What did you learn about your content through this medium exploration?

I learned the using different medium on a same piece of work, really differs. Different material used can take you to somewhere that’s completely different.

  • How did the medium you used change the context of your object, form, or image?

I was originally going to present this piece as a short animation/ video. After changing it into two dimensional work, everything feels more still and flat.  

  • What websites / books / museums / galleries / other artists did you research during this process for ideas and inspiration?

I was inspired by Geta Bratescu’s work, the circular forms and the shape she used. So I researched on more of her works and her background.

Regarding the whole process:

  • How does this experiment shift your overall thesis question?

This experiment did not change my thesis question, but made me realised that I had to really try different materials and color to get the best result out of it.

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