Bridge 2- Final Reflection Post


  1. What is your topic and how has it evolved/changed after all the diptychs you’ve created?

My topic is identity (emotion- cellular structure). It first started with Identity (emotion)      and continue on to cellular structure which I am really interested in.

  1. What materials did you explore that were the most successful at supporting your topic?

For now, I think textured and pattern paper work really nice.

  1. What materials did you explore that failed to support your topic or were not very good and supporting the content?I think materials wise, definitely try to use physical collage than digital. Because there is always beauty in texture of paper, and paper layering.

Write a new paragraph explaining what different contexts (history, politics, fashion, art, economics, environment, etc.) your topic is apart of.

My topic is cellular structure, it is a part of science and human body. Cells appear everywhere, not only on animals, but also on plants, non- living objects. It is the basic fundamental of any object. I am interested in this topic because I find it amazing how deep down into the minute size of anything. Every cells in different part look completely different and ofcoursingly completely different than the object’s original look.

Furthermore, I developed on to emotions and human body parts too, I think it is really interesting to show humans emotion and personality in body parts like hands.

Transfer the vocabulary from the Critique Vocabulary Walk Around, completed in class, organized as a taxonomy (grouping the words and ideas).


Inner body

Different human body

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