20 questions (studio)

Diabetes genes & baldness genes


  1. Does the gene of a particular object/ symptom looks exactly the same? Or is there any slightly differences?
  2. If both of the grandfathers of a grandson are bald, what is the approximate percentage of the grandson being bald in the future?
  3. If both of the grandfathers of a grandson have diabetes, what is the approximate percentage of the grandson to get diabete in the future?
  4. Do the look of genes of a particular symptom(eg: diabetes) differ from every person?
  5. Does the look of a particular gene change if medication is taken?
  6. Is the look of genetic cells important to people?
  7. Do people know what deep down in there body, how their cellular structures are like?
  8. Is it important for children to know what their parents have in their genes?
  9. Can the color of cells be changed by some artificial factor?
  10. What does genetic system and cellular structure have to do with identity and personality?
  11. What instruments do people use to investigate cellular structure?
  12. How can cellular structures be represented in different materials (eg: ink)?
  13. Do the look of cellular structures have relation to how it functions?
  14. How are the experiments photos layout like from the report?
  15. How are the computer made studies of cellular structures similar or different from the actual structure?
  16. How can hair loss be cured?
  17. Is inheritage important to people to understand?
  18. Is hair loss in different areas related to different health problems?
  19. Are experiments on animals reliable (eg: rats)?
  20. Are the heritaged cells look exactly the same from Father to son?

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