Bridge II (7 diptychs)


I started by collaging and painting with materials, I was interested to present emotion, identity and personality with color blocks and some elements that could represent emotions, I started with painting organs on newspaper because I think the shape is really interesting an also, organs are also something like cells, in human bodies and it can be a way to represent humans. Moving on, I tried to depict different facial expression via different material, eg: pencil, watercolor, and acrylic try to develop which painting material would be the best fit, and what color theme I want. To the next step, I look at human body parts like hands and legs, I investigated how hands and legs could represent emotion and personality, with collage and drawings. At last, I went into cellular structures and color blocks and collage. I tried to approach emotion and identity in a abstract art color block form. I tried to show the slight movement of the cells, to add some liveliness to the the piece.

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