Final Project IS2 – Visual Culture

  • The topic you are researching in Seminar

– Are gendered toys harming children’s development?

  • The specific message/content you are exploring in Studio

– Cellular Structure in human body

  • Explain exactly what you are making in Studio and the materials you are using.

– A book with fake human skin covers, with many pages of created cellular structure with ink and watercolor on semi transparent acrylic/ plastic sheets of paper.

  • Explain why you think the materials you are using are effective at supporting your content.

– The fake human skin is a representation of human body, and the purpose of this book is have people to look into humans body. The semi transparent plastic/ acrylic paper is because the all the cells in our body are layered on top of one and another, so I want the viewers to feel like they are looking deep into a human body, with cells on top of each other.

  • Explain the research you’ve done since our April 9 class and your research plans for the upcoming week.

– First thing I need to do is go to the laser cutting lab to find out what kind of material can go into the machine, because I want a circular book.

– Go test out all different kinds of materials and transfer tools.

– Continue making more images of cells

  • Write an explanation of what you will complete for next class and write how long you think it will take you to do it. *The homework expectation is at least 6 hours per week for this class. 

– know what base materials I need to use.

– make more ink/ watercolor images.



April 23, 2018 update:

  1. I worked on more paintings this week, and the research of how the cells look like of different disease.
  2. I also went to canal plastic to figure out what kinds of materials that I want to try for my book. I bought two materials.
  • Cast Acrylic sheets(clear)
  • Extruded Acrylic sheets(frosted)

— Problem that I am facing: From the laser cutting lab, I got told that only Cast Acrylic sheets can go into the machine, but I wanted my acrylic sheets to not be completely transparent, but they only had transparent Acrylic for Cast Acrylic. So I also bought a Frosted Acrylic sheet which looked like what I imagined, but not sure if it can fit in the machine or not.

Next step: I am going to have to try transferring onto both Acrylic to see the outcome and go to the Laser Cutting Lab and ask if the frosted acrylic can go in.



April 30, 2018 update

  1. I worked on more paintings this week, and the research of how the cells look like of different disease.
  2. I tried on transferring images onto the acrylic boards, but it failed, I emailed and asked Jenny about it, she told me that I should print on a sticker paper(the back of the sticker paper), so the paper doesn’t absorb the ink as more.
  • Problem that I am facing: I need to go try out the sticker paper, go to the graphics lab and I need to go ask the laser cutting lab about the frosted acrylic.


May 07, 2018 update

I started to try transferring onto the acrylic sheets, I first tried with printing on normal printer, but it did not work, I asked Jenny who did this method before too. She told me that she printed on the back of the sticker paper(the waxy side) and go to the graphic lab and use the laser jet. With the ink, it is easier to come off, and the paper material doesn’t absorb that much ink than normal paper. I tried this method, but I had the problem that the back of the sticker paper had cut lines on it, so they break really easily, so I had to stick the sticker back onto the back side of the sticker paper, so it can go through the printer, but this made the paper thicker, and coming to using the transfer marker, the thicker the paper is, the more difficult it is to transfer.(because more ink is required)So I went back to the graphic lab and tried to tape the cut line with masking tape, but when printing the masking tape will stuck into the printer, further cause jam and printing problems. The staff at the graphic lab got really mad at me, and kicked me out of the lab. So I had to continue trying transferring.

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