Questions for Bill Owens

Questions for Bill Owens What inspired you to use “suburbia” as the setting for a majority of your professional work? How difficult was it to ask strangers to take photos of them, their kids, their houses, and basically their entire character and life? How did you interpret “suburbia” in your own head? Eutopia? Fake?  Did […]

Gallery Reflections

This picture was paired next to a set of four photographs taken by undergraduate students, as a showcase of antique photos next to the seniors work. Most of the class resonated with the colorful college student photos but immediately I was drawn to the narrative this photo was so clearly explaining. It was taken in […]

Marketing In Coney Island

Marketing In Coney Island  Artist’s Statement Cheese-Its, TJ Maxx, Poland Springs, Malboros and Marvel are all brands hidden from sight in my photos. In everyone’s lives, we are constantly spoon-fed information about the newest merchandise that, many times, is hidden from our eyes. For my theme, I wanted to incorporate this idea and theory into […]

Test Shots and More!

Explanation of Essays  Time is a topic that is feared, lost, and most importantly captured by photographers. The authors describe “deep travel” as a way for many people to gain back the wonder that many of us have lost when we were children. Deep Travel can be accessed by going through old streets and accessing […]