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Project 2: Photomontage

Project 2: Photomontage

Stitched together images of one figure to show a concept of time- waiting. Took the different pictures on a tripod…

Whitespace Map

  From the reading, "A Wide Landscape of Snows" by Peter Turchi. Using Turchi's writing about whitespace, I created my own…

Task 3: Photomontage

Experimenting with photoshop by stitching pictures of myself into one picture as if there were copies of me.

Project 1: Cut-up

For my representation of time, I chose to make a collage out of past works that I’ve made. Throughout time,…
Memory Box

Memory Box

  First draft and concepts of the memory box The final completed memory box My narrative about this project is…

Stop Motion

Heart Construction   A stop motion video of a heart constructing itself. Made using Stop Motion app.

Introduction Collage

I have never made a collage before but we were asked to build ourselves from Artforum magazines in our first…
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