Memory Box


First draft and concepts of the memory box

The final completed memory box

My narrative about this project is memories of objects I’ve collected as a child. I ended up collecting too many things where I’ve ran out of room and motivation to organize it all. Eventually it made my room and my space messy and cluttered where I realized something needs to be done. That lead to me hesitantly discarding most a lot of my collection. This memory box revisits this part of my past. When the box is looked at from the front, everything is jumbled up together as you see everything through the transparent panels similar to the mess that collecting everything has made. But as each panel is taken out, it is easier to see what the objects are. It shows the significance of what I’ve collected and how special it is to me no matter how mundane the object is.

The first panel of objects I’ve collected are rubber ducks. Every time I would go the movie theaters, mall, or arcade, there would be a claw machine filled with rubber ducks. The different colors and designs always attracted me and I would get this desire to collect them all. It was always very easy to get a duck because they would allow you to try again if you missed until you get a duck.

I’ve also collected many red envelopes because I loved the designs on each of them. Every family had different envelope designs and every year, the designs where different. The gold decorations on top the of the red envelope always has been aesthetically pleasing to my eye.

I’ve also always collected MetroCards because they were always different. The back of Metrocards were always different with either the description of the card, or subway PSAs. Every now and then, I would get a card with a different design as the front and they would be very special to me as the front is rarely changed.

I’ve chose to use my room as the background of the box. My collections has always been placed inside my room so thats where I want the box to take place. I’ve left the background black and white as a simple pencil drawing because I did not want it to detract from the main focus of the box, which were the panels.



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