Project 1: Cut-up

For my representation of time, I chose to make a collage out of past works that I’ve made. Throughout time, my style and my technique for art has changed. Improvement always goes with time but what has stayed the same is the subject. I’ve always drawn or painted hands as my subject as I have found the structure of human hands to be interesting. But in my collage, all the hands are not the same. They vary from different mediums to styles depending on the time of when I’ve created it. Throughout years I’ve experimented with different mediums and have improved with them which shows change in time. All the past hands that I’ve created make up one single hand of which what represents the present. The hand itself is made with a medium that I’m new to, which is a collage, but of course the subject itself remains the same. The whole collage is tied together with a pen drawing of the hand on a clear plastic panel and layered on top of the cutouts to make it cohesive.

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