Project Deconstruction Exercise

Last semester for my Time: Embodied class, we had to create a video and choose the topic on what we believe would move the Doomsday Clock closer or further away from midnight. I chose the subject of the spread of anti vaccination. This dangerous trend is something that I’d believe would bring humanity closer to its doom and have the clock reach midnight. To first start this project, I had to create a timeline of what I would do each day to ensure that I would not end up procrastinating and doing too much in one day. Rather than creating a generic schedule, we were instructed to create it in our own flair or creative way. After setting up a time schedule for the video project, the first step was to research on the effects of the recent growing trend of choosing to opt out of vaccines because of false information. Polio, measles, and other diseases that have been almost eradicated were starting to break out in small groups because of that. I researched statistics relating to outbreaks and also reasons why people choose to not vaccinate their children.

After I’ve researched all the information I needed, I had to find a way to approach this subject in a video. At first I’ve looked through informational videos such as ones from CDC or WHO but they were mostly public service announcements that seemed boring and generic. I didn’t want my video to be too generic and I wanted my message to get through, so I decided on a satirical theme on my video. It would appear to be anti vaxx at first, but as the video goes on, it would get absurd and the viewer would realize it was satirical. I then drew up a storyboard which acted as a template for how my video should be.

Now that I’ve decided on how my video would go, I needed footage for it. I relied completely on found footage so I needed to look through the internet for videos that would fit my theme. I took clips from documentaries and old family videos to give my video a old vintage feel to it. Since we had to make the found footage ours, I had to edit the footage to avoid plagiarism. I overlayed videos on top of each other and it gave off an eerie feeling that I was looking for and I experimented with different ways to make the footage mine and give a sense of eeriness. After all that planning, researching, more planning, and editing I was able to create a satirical video about the topic of anti vaccination being the trend that would bring us closer to midnight.

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