Design Intervention

For my redesign, I’ll be addressing Guo’s issue of doing laundry in the dorms. She lives on the 11th floor of her dorm and the laundry room is in the basement so it is inconvenient for her to go up and down to check up on her laundry. She needs to do her laundry often and also, it is heavy.

Wheels have always been used to help people transport things with ease. With Guo’s laundry bag being heavy, I’ve addressed that issue by thinking about a trolley. My grandma had always used trolleys whenever she went shopping because it was small and portable, but also can allow her to move things without carrying it. But even if Guo was able to carry her laundry now with ease, there is still the problem of having to go up and down all the time to check up on her laundry. When I visited the dorm, I noticed there was also a room for studio work, so I thought maybe she can take the work down with her so she didn’t have to go back up to her dorm. By attaching a bag on the back of the trolley, she is able to take all her things with her easily. Maybe also, I can add a hook to the trolley handle so she can choose whatever bag she wants to bring down with her.



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