30 Iterations

For this project, we were given an assignment of creating 30 iterations based on a word we were assigned. I was given the word “squeeze” and had to use different elements to create iterations of that word.

First I wrote up some ideas that were on my mind and sketched out some concepts.

One of our process steps was to focus on the typography first to get inspiration for analog iterations. The theme of lemons came across my mind the most because lemons were squeezed a lot.

What I got from the type iterations was a color scheme that I wanted to use. I’d stick to a theme of the color relating to yellow of the lemons and the recurrence of the blue colors.

As a group with the word sneeze, we came up with an idea for the word to be printed on the embroidery machine. We warped the word as if it was being squeezed and stretched out the word to convey the iteration.


Finally it was printed on a 24×30 on paper on the inkjet plotter. The most challenging part of the project was the layout and putting everything together. I had to find a way to pull everything together and not make it seem like it was all something different. I decided to use a nested layout with a blue stroke around every picture. I then used the warp tool to make it seem as if everything was being squeezed.

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  1. mattisd · April 11, 2019 Reply

    Xian Yu, Excellent LP upload, clear and thorough. Nice job.

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