Whole is > Than the Sum of Its Parts

For this project in my Digital Tools class, the assignment was to take an object as a whole with its separate parts and I decided to do a dog. Dogs have layers such as their skin, muscles, bones and organs which are parts that make up a whole dog. I wanted to do this in a form of a book, specifically a children’s book.

I was inspired by books that I’ve read as a child because some illustrations in them were a little eerie and off putting which was the tone I wanted to convey in my book.

I knew the layers of the dog that I want to deconstruct so I tried to think up of a general story line.

I started working on the illustrations but my laptop with most of my work in it had crashed so I had to start all over on the illustrations. Originally it had a modern day family theme to it but when I went at illustrating the pages a second time, I made the characters seem like it was 1950s or 1960s, it gave more of an eerie feel to it.

As the dogs started to get more deconstructed or stripped I wanted to make it feel more and more off putting so I decided to do that with the text since I didn’t have much time to do more illustrations.

Originally I wanted to in lineart of the skeleton on clear injket paper and bind it with the book but I did not have time to do that. If I did, that was something that I’d wanted to add in, but in the end I felt like that would taken away from the old fashion theme that was being shown.

It was unfortunate for my laptop to break down which caused a lot of troubles but I’m a little glad it did because I was able to work on another idea such as changing the time era of the book. If I had time to print and bind, I would’ve done it in a perfect bind with a hard cover, similar to children’s books. I may upload end up printing in the future just to get the feeling of accomplishment out of it.

Dog Deconstruction

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