IFS: post 5

At the beginning of the semester, I wrote, fashion is something very personal, it is a style and attitude carried by a specific person. However, at the end of the semester I realized what I thought about fashion is too narrow than it should be. Fashion is a much broader concept than clothing, runways, models, superficial attitude and industry. Fashion is about all of us, and how we dress everyday, fashion is not about brands or consumption. Fashion is always about time, fashion is a clock to measure history. And fashion is a book to record cultural. Laura Snelgrove wrote in her book ” indeed, fashion’s efforts to fix and stabilize itself in time, and to shape time and memory in its own image, for its own gain, may forever be foiled by the hazy boundaries of temporal categories that material reality insists upon, the inability to decipher the characteristic sensibility of the present, and the overlaps of time and space so integral to postmodern visual culture.” This sentence tell me that fashion is the visual conclusion of a time period. Fashion is the container of the mix of society, trash, romance, music, gender, war, wealth…

I used to believe that fashion always look beyond ordinary. Famous brand always leave a wrong information to people, because brands got power in fashion industry. Then I understand fashion is not fancy looks or wealthy clothing. It could be ordinary or behind ordinary.

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