Space and Materiality: Assignment #2- 3 TED talks

Understanding the use of 3D design by watching the TED talks. 

Every 3D design begins as a simple sketch or even a simple observation. During these three TED talks what the three designers had in common was the fact that design should be created to help others, the economy, and the world of design. Observation is the first step into creating 3D design products. For example the way Ross Lovegrove was able to create his office chair with simply observing a natural cell. The first TED talk made me analyze what it is I am actually observing when I am looking at an object and what I tend to get out of it. This statement helped me to identify objects in a simple item I see every day, getting something new out of it. The second TED talk mentioned how designers should be mavericks and not be scared to design something crazy. This phrase impacted me because it is one of the things that scares me the most about trying to be a designer, the fact of not caring what others think and being able to create your own ideas. One should not be scared to express their own ideas or practice something new. Every designer is influenced by something different, the environment one is in, poverty, or other artists. All of these influences come from the simple factor of observation, by analyzing what one observes or looking at an item from a different perspective one can be influenced into creating something that is actually needed in the world today. 

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