Space and Materiality: Assignment#3- Drawing with 3D materials

Assignments Description:

For this assignment we had to turn a 2D drawing into a 3D object using different leaner materials and texture. We has to make a drawing on tracing paper then, make the portrait with rope, with cardboard, and with metal wire.

Step 5:

  • How can this be done?This can be done by following the original drawing with three other different materials. The same drawing had to be transferred to a foam board in order to trace the drawing with the 3D objects.
  • What aesthetic differences can be seen in the two versions of the design?The 3D portraits create give the original drawing a new sense and texture. Instead of being only a simple drawing it was made into three other portraits, each with there unique texture.
  • What factors do you have to deal with in the three-dimensional piece that was not at issue in the two-dimensional drawing?Figuring out a way to put the rope, cardboard, and wire on the foam board without using glue. The biggest factor was the way the 3D object came easily off of the foam board.


It was very interesting to watch the progress of a simple drawing being created into three 3D portraits. Each material like the rope, cardboard, and wire, had it’s own difficulties. It was challenging to find a practical way of putting the rope on the foam board, but once I got the hang of sewing it on the process went by faster. This assignment helped me figure out the process of turning a simple 2D drawing into a 3D object, which was very challenging but interesting.

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