Space and Materiality: Assignment#4- Thumbnail Sketches- Part 1,2&3

Part 1

Description: For this assignment we has to develop each concept from our inspirations into 4-6 symbols and create thumbnail sketches, creating about 24 in total.

Reflection: This assignments helped me to start creating my ideas and helped me to get ideas for my project. Each sketch had its own meaning but they all tie in together somehow. I liked this assignment because of how it made me think about objects and symbols that I did not know that inspired me so much.

Part 2 

Description: For this assignment I had to Combine the motives together and see what I could come up with, creating  total 6 combined motives.

Six Motives that influence me and describe me.

Reflection: This assignment has helped me gather my thoughts on what I will me working on. Narrowing my sketches down to these six helped me get a better idea of what it is I want to express with my project. For most of my sketches positivity had been the main theme, so I believe that positivity will be the one I will express.

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