Studio Peer-to-peer meet up Skills


During my meet up with Nina we started talking about our likes, our dislikes and our daily routines. Ever since we started living independently both of our routines have changed so we began talking about our meals and how we are both now getting into cooking. Nina’s skill that she demonstrated for me during our meet up was how to cook one of her favorite meals, Pesto chicken pasta. I had never mad pesto sauce before so I found this skill very interesting and something new for me to learn. She gave me the recipe that she uses and how she cooks it. I had never made a sauce from scratch before so I found it interesting to se what other can teach you and what others like to do. For the recipe I had to cook chicken, make the sauce, and cook the pasta. Nina gave me all of her tips and information I would need in order to make a pasta just like she would make it. 


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