Bridge #2: You don’t know me- project

Link for GIF:


  1. Finding What Is In the Inside
  2. I was paired up with Nina Knoll
  3. I created sketches, uploaded them to photoshop and created a GIF. For the audio I used Garage band and included the audio with the GIF.
  4. For this project I did not get a clear idea of what I was going to create for Nina until after our two interviews. At first when I met Nina throughout the first interview she seemed like a close book until after she opened it and started getting more personal about her sketches. So for Nina’s project I decided to create a GIF of a sketch book falling apart and being created into Peonies flowers. She also has a tattoo of Peonies on her arm and that inspired me into creating that type of flower. This Gif is supposed to represent Nina’s creative personality being revealed throughout getting to getting to know her.


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