Reflection on African Burial Grounds

Going to a place I had never heard about was something I did not expect to get so much out of it like I did. During the visit last Tuesday to the African burial grounds, I was greatly impacted by the information and history I got about the memorial. I had never known that the slave trade had such a great impact on how the city is today and how it was before the building started to be created. For me it was shocking to see the brutality and intensity that the African Americans had to go through during the time of the slave trade. Site seeing in New York City normally has a luxurious side to the monuments, but this memorial is a place to identify those African Americans who lived in slavery and were forgotten. This memorial is to represent how they are not forgotten and how the people honor them in the city. The way the memorial was presented gave me an unexplainable feeling towards the events, and how the memorial is to remember and embrace. Going through this memorial and watching the video, gave me the remembrance if his every one is important and how we can all make an impact no matter what. 

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