Bridge Project #4 – Food Questions

Questions about food 


  1. What other names/forms/varieties does your food have? 

– For my food I chose Carne Asada Tacos, they can also be called taquitos, or street tacos.

  1. What are the main ingredients of your food (if it is a dish)? What are additional ingredients added sometimes or in some places?

For my dish the basic ingredients are a corn or flour tortillas, and carne asada, which in English is grilled beef. Additional ingredients that are sometimes added include: lime, salsa verde, salt, cilantro, different authentic Mexican salsas, onion, and guacamole. 

  1. Where does your food come from? Where do the ingredients come from?

Tacos come from the silver mines in 18th century Mexico. Most of the ingredients like avocados originated in Souther Mexico. According to a Maya legend, tortillas come from a peasant who made it for his hungry king. 

  1. Who eats your food? Who doesn’t eat your food? 

Tacos are a typical food for Mexicans that can be eaten in any occasion. Tacos are really easy to get in Mexico due to the low price and many taco stands. 

  1. What is your food associated with?

My food is associated with fish tacos, burritos, and other kinds of tacos. Tacos date back all the way to the 18th century, invented by the Mexican silver miners. 

  1. What does this food mean to you? What associations do you have with this food?

This food is very important to my culture and childhood. It is a food that I ate growing up and has been a part of many memories throughout my high school days going to Tijuana. I associate this food with my family, friends, and good memories. All my memories eating tacos are full of happy moment that give me a sense of home. 

  1. List as many memories associated with this food as you can.

This is a typical Mexican food that can basically be eaten at any time of day 

-Tacos remind me of every time I would cross to Tijuana we would have to go to Taconazo before going back to San Diego 

-After going 

  1. Draw your food.

My own five questions

  • How has the preparation of tacos stayed the same throughout the years? 
  • How has it influenced Mexican culture? 
  • How does it change when it is recreated in the United States?
  • How important is the tortilla for the making of the taco?
  • What are the environmental impacts of my food? 

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