Bridge Project Final – #4

Final Piece:

Tortilla Press

Artist Statement 

Authentic Simplicity 

For my project about food I chose tacos due to how important they are in the Mexican culture, and how they have been a part of many memories growing up. I created a tortilla press out of wood to represent what keeps the tacos from being authentic or not. The base of a taco is a tortilla, it is what makes it noticeable if it is authentic Mexican or not. In Mexico the tortillas are made at the moment, when you go to a taco shop they are created using a tortilla press like the one I have built. The whole tortilla press is hand made and cut in the wood shop to represent how in the Mexican culture many objects that are used in day to day life are hand made. The two words that appear in the tortilla press are, Export Tacos, these two words are simply marked on the wood to represent how the authentic exportation of tacos rely on the simplicity of the tortilla. The four flowers on the tortilla press represent the huitlachoche flower which represents the natural corn which is used for the tortillas. 

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