Sustainable Systems- Assignment 3: Energy

  • Name One of the three ways energy is generated in the US




Nuclear energy

In the US one way that energy is generated is by producing nuclear energy. The cost of constructing a nuclear power plant is very high but Nuclear power plants create less pollution. The image above represents the process of a Nuclear energy power plant. What stood out to me the most is how the nuclear power plants emit less radioactive materials into the environment.


  • The 4 types of renewable energy
    • Solar Energy

      • Biomass

      • Hydroelectric energy

      • Wind Power

        In the Article Home Fires written by Maggie Koreth-Baker, she mentions the great reasons for using renewable energy and how it helps our environment be more sustainable. She states ” Some of that growth will involve natural gas–powered generators, but distributed generation is also an important part of putting a wide range of renewables to work, which includes hydro, solar, and biofuels”( Baker 4).


  • The main energy source of your hometown
    • About half of California’s energy comes from renewable resources. But according to San Diego Gas and Electric, which provide the energy in San Diego most is Natural Gas. If I could change this I would convince even more people of adding solar panels in order to make everything more green and better for the environment.

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