Assignment 8 Mycelium project Phase 2

Project By: Ximena Posada and Zeynep Gulay


This is how our bag of Ecovative mushrooms material looked on Friday March 29, 2019 after completing Phase 1 of the project.

Day 1

Day 1

After leaving the bag of Ecovative mushrooms resting on top of a fridge for 6 days, the white growth had already spread throughout the bag. After this step we were ready to begin phase 2 of the project.

day 6

day 6

We opened our bag and placed the mushroom material that had turned white into a bowl. We added 4 tablespoons of flour and began mixing with our hands.

phase 2 step 6

After cleaning our mold we placed the mushrooms into them and began creating out shape. For this project we decided to make bowls that can later be used as lamps. We placed the mushroom into the bowls and then placed a wide cup on top so it could create a form.

Finally we covered them with a plastic bag and created a few holes in order to let the mycelium breathe.

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