Assignment 8- Self Portrait Trash Collection


title: Behind All The Mess 

Ximena Posada 

Sustainable Systems 

Trash Collection 

April 4, 2019

Written experience: 

For this assignment I got to accomplish something I had never done before. Collecting my trash for the past three days has been a surprising and difficult to complete experience. At first I was not used to it and on the first day I threw away a wrapper I was supposed to keep but other than that I dedicated myself into collecting everything I used. What I noticed the most about this experience was that I do a good job of not using plastic water bottles, I am 100% attached to my reusable water bottle which I always keep with me. When viewers look at the image I want them to notice the reason why I am behind all the trash, because I am the one who caused it. There is a reason why I focused in on the trash in front of me but also included myself in the back with the reflection of the mirror. Behind all of the mess it is me, the problem of waste. I was actually very proud of myself because a year ago there would have been about five to six water bottles but now that I have gotten used to a reusable water bottle I have saved myself from all that waste. 


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