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Final Presentation





Materials used




Progress for final project

Ideation sketches:

Isometric Drawing:

Orthographic Drawing:


  1. Plywood (for table and legs)
  2. Acrylic (for narwhals logo)

Fabricators: (maybe)

  1. Thirdkind Studio (CNC routing)
  2. T&T Plastic Land (Acrylic)


I want to design a table which encourages socializing with other students by putting your phone away. The table will have three slots on each side, (six in total) in which there will be wireless charging pads for phones. Students will be able to charge their phones while they have a meal and socialize with other students. In the center of the table I want to encourage school sprit while promoting our mascot more because there are barley  no signs around campus with “narwhals” on it.

Also I want to include six metal hooks, three on each side so students are more comfortable when they eat.

(observation)- students normally have their stuff on the floor, limiting the space in the cafeteria

Brain storming Materials:

Not sure which ones to include

  • Bamboo for table top?
  • Metal hooks
  • wood
  • aluminum?



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