Bridge 5

Ximena Posada 

Seminar 2: Constructed Environments 

Bridge 5 

My name is Ximena Posada and I am a Mexican-American student living in New York City. I am currently finishing up my first year in Parsons School of Design and I will be starting my first year in Architectural Design next semester. Throughout this year I got to experience a new way of learning and adapting my design skills into my school work. Prior to The New School I had never been able to fully express my love for design in my common school work like essays, and normal assignments. This year I have been introduced to incorporating my leanings in academics towards my art design projects.

Throughout my first year here at The New School I have gotten the opportunity to work and develop my love for 3D design while having to research materials and mechanical connectors. Researching what materials I work with and how they affect our environment is not something I was used to doing until I began my studies at The New School. A constant theme that I have faced all throughout my two semesters at Parsons are how can one incorporate sustainability into a design. I have noticed and learned that sustainability is  a huge factor that is leading the way as a huge design element in todays industry. As sustainability has been a factor in my design projects I have learned that the skill of research comes along with it. In all of my classes I have been reminded of the importance that research has towards each project that I do and it is needed in order to prove the point I want to get across with my projects.  The greatest connection that I have seen from my academic studies to my studio makings have mostly been throughout my studio and seminar courses. In these two courses I have noticed how much research can affect the direction of an art piece. Regularly one odes not think of research when observing art but after taking these two courses I have notices how strongly readings have affected the direction of my final art pieces. 

Some factors that have made my projects more interesting have been being able to visit different sites throughout New York and bring those observations into the class room in order to incorporate them with my projects. This experience has been a great way of doing first hand research and being able to research and experience the observations myself. I have enjoyed this the most due to how much I have learned about how people are affected by design and places all throughout New York City. This has made me notice how important design is to people and how it can truly affect the lifestyle of people around us without ever truly noticing. 

Throughout my first year I have gone from late nights in the making center to midnight studying at the library and one of the projects that caught my attention the most was my final for Space and Materiality semester 1. For this project I had to create a Social Ecological Space by researching, designing, and constructing a chair. I believe that this project has included all the different skills I have learned in my first year and brought it together in one presentation. 

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