Bridge 1: Research and Analysis

General Process Diagram

  1. Women in ancient China used to bind their feet because it was common sense that women only look pretty with small feet and they could not find husbands if they don’t do that.

2. Foot binding gave so much damage to their feet that they could barely walk in the outside world but stay at home and do house works. These women’s lives were very much controlled by their husbands and were more like belongings to them.

3. The very first thumbnails draft that I made for the shoes. The main idea of the project is Female Restriction, combining with pain and torture.

4. I first used wires to construct the main frame of the shoes. At first I was planning on using both wires and needles but then had to give up needles because they were very hard to be accurately placed.

5. I cut and painted cardboards to make the bottoms of the shoes. The bottoms were not in the original plan but later got added in in order to amplify the exaggeration.

6. I attached the bottoms with the shoes together with some special black threads. The shoes are sizes smaller than my partner’s actual shoe size deliberately so that she could feel the intensity and pain more clearly.

7. Final Work