Reflective Observation Report (MORUS)

  • The first thing that immediately caught my eyes was the toy-liked decorations on the fences of the community garden. To me, turning old used wastes into such amusing childish artworks is absolutely creative, and the idea of reusing stands out as well.

  • Inside of the garden, we then saw more installations that help to recycle or to reduce energy/sources waste. For instance, a tube on the top of a little pavilion can collect rain and transit it to some special containers under the pavilion, which can restore the water and use it for plant irrigation.
  • Even though the garden is run by the community, the two chickens seemed more like the actual masters of this place. You can tell that they’ve been nicely taken care of just from their shining beautiful feathers and the fats they’ve gained.

  • The composting system in the garden is very well and carefully designed. It proves to us that having a sustainable system doesn’t mean you need to put lots of money for advanced machines to support it. With your intelligence and some simple equipment, you can still manage to keep the system nice and sustainable.




  • The beehives in the garden are also standing out particularly. Bees are well-known to help plants reproduce so having not only plants but also bees in the garden does make it more like a self-supported ecosystem.

  • We then went to the rooftop of an old building, which was reconstructed by the community people and had now turned into a successful sample for reclaiming aged urban space. One of the most important parts of this sustainable system is the solar panels which can generate electricity by absorbing sun’s rays. By using this technology, the building accomplishes both saving energy/money and keeping power-independence.

  • I ignored this enclosure at first because I thought it had nothing special but served normal functions. However, later then I got to know how essential this normal-looking space is. It helps the heats in the building going out, which is very crucial because it prevents overheating and promotes air convection.

  • Another thing that I found very interesting and smart was these straws-weaved chairs. I especially appreciate the idea of recycling and reusing materials creatively. These chiars are easily made but still have their own uniqueness. It was a pitty that I didn’t give them a try to see if they are comfortable and strong enough to sit on.



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