My sacred place is a cathedral. The inspiration is mainly from the cardboard cathedral. Normally cathedrals don’t have shapes like pyramids so I want to make a breakthrough by combining pyramids with arcs.

* Cardboard Cathedral lies in New Zealand; Knarvik Church lies in Norway

* RRA: Reiulf Ramstad Architects

The scales in my technical drawings are 1″=20′  but the scale of my actual model is 1″=10′

Side Elevation with SOLAR PANNELS

Side Elevation with SOLAR PANNELS

The two pyramids can be separated apart so you can see the interior of the cathedral. This photo depicts the inside look without the bigger pyramid. The inside of the cathedral are mainly benches and a stage.

The human figures are 6′ tall in real life. Such contrasts show how tall the architecture actually is. This photo was taken without the bigger pyramid.

Letter to the Climate

Dear Climate,

Stop Changing!

But still, I know it is not your fault but our human beings’.

It is because of our own desires that had made you suffered.

All we had seen for the past centuries were development.

We chased for economy development, so we built up factories to promote industrialization; we drove away animals to have more lands for skyscrapers; we expanded cities and polluted air.

We craved for supplements development, so we cut down trees for woods; we blasted earth for ores and minerals; we split off oceans for oils.

We sought for efficiency development, so we invented cars; we ran over mountains for more highways; we overused power and energy to accelerate.

And now, all the damages we had caused eventually came back to us. We finally started to realize how awfully wrong we had been.

Thus, dear climate, we human beings are now trying to make up all the ruins we had done. I know we haven’t done well enough yet, but this is a long-term process and I promise we can make it better and better.


With Regret and Respect,



STEP 1: We followed the instruction and measured one gallon of water, boiled it to kill the bacteria.

STEP 2: After the water was boiled, we cleaned the container and poured the water in it.

STEP 3 : We added sugar and tea bags

STEP 4: We stirred it to mix better

STEP 5: Cap closed

We then placed the container and waited for days to add in the SCOBY. However, days after we found the water started to get really moldy. It was because the temperature was not warm enough, so we poured it out and redid it. We followed the exact same procedure and paid attention to the temperature. Luckily this time it didn’t get moldy so we added the SCOBY two days after. Right now we are still waiting for it to grow.




Our leathers were finally in shapes! So we placed them carefully and wait till they dry.