My sacred place is a cathedral. The inspiration is mainly from the cardboard cathedral. Normally cathedrals don’t have shapes like pyramids so I want to make a breakthrough by combining pyramids with arcs.

* Cardboard Cathedral lies in New Zealand; Knarvik Church lies in Norway

* RRA: Reiulf Ramstad Architects

The scales in my technical drawings are 1″=20′  but the scale of my actual model is 1″=10′

Side Elevation with SOLAR PANNELS

Side Elevation with SOLAR PANNELS

The two pyramids can be separated apart so you can see the interior of the cathedral. This photo depicts the inside look without the bigger pyramid. The inside of the cathedral are mainly benches and a stage.

The human figures are 6′ tall in real life. Such contrasts show how tall the architecture actually is. This photo was taken without the bigger pyramid.

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