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Audio work:

Room Drawing:

Room Description:

My room is derived from an actual room in the film “The Skin I live In”. It is located in a suburban area so it is very quiet and somehow kind of isolated. A woman has been constrained in this room for years so in order to kill her time, she spends lots of time on meditation, yoga, and making small art crafts like some little statues. Because she can not cook by herself nor go outdoors, there is a lift in the room to provide her things she needs such as food, water, and books.

Work Reflection:

This is my first project in this class as well as my first time using Audition to edit sounds. I did have lots of problems when I was editing in addition to technical issues. At first, my work was too straight forward, I used the exact sound for what I wanted to interpret: water sound to interpret water, chopping sound to interpret chopping…But then a problem appeared, because we could only use the sounds in our sound library, I soon ran out of sounds and still had many details that could not be depicted. However, after I received my professor’s instruction, I learned that sounds could be more playfully-used, one certain sound can indicate several different things/activities. This was a significant improvement to me, after I started exploring different ways of using sounds, It was like opening the gate to a brand new world, everything became so interesting and challenging. I somehow accomplished depicting the story I wanted to tell eventually, but then another problem came up: how am I supposed to not just illustrate the storyline but also the sense of space in it? To solve that problem, I tried and tried again. Luckily I had my professor and my classmates as audiences, they provided me feedbacks and thus helped me a lot on making progress. Nevertheless, I wasn’t quite satisfied with my final work. Especially now, when I’m listening back to my work again, I found there were so many changes I could have made, such as adding more room tones and developing more ways on creating the sense of space. Overall, however, the learning experience was positive and special to me so I enjoyed it very much.

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