Time Map Draft

Draft 1 : fullsizerender-4

I had this idea of using circles and triangles to record my thirst and hunger in one day, I chose a Thursday which I was free all day and documented my feelings, then I made this first draft of my Time Map. The main critique that Wendy gave me was this is too abstract and should add more personal emotions and feelings in it.


Draft 2: fullsizerender

This time I added more personal feelings into it, including using words, emojis to directly depicted my emotions; also showing my different levels of demands by using different colors. The critique that I’ve received is that the title is too big and straight forward, the directions between each circle/triangle and the layout need more work.


Draft 3: fullsizerender-5

My third version of Time Map, which I showed it in class, this time I made the map easier to read and marked out the start&end. However Wendy pointed out that to make the start&end stand out is not just to make them BIG, but in other more sophisticated ways.