Who’s Story is this Anyways?

Back to 6 years ago, I was a freshmen at Parsons. At that time I lived in the dorm on 318 E 15th St. My roommate was another Chinese girl, Lulu, we were also besties. Before Hurricane Sandy, we’ve never been through any hurricane before, while that afternoon, the city started raining, we were so excited and keep guessing what this hurricane would like. The nightmare came quite soon, we could hear terrible sounds out of our window (we were at lobby floor), the sound of wind was deafening. It sounds like the wind is going to blow the whole building away.We fell asleep scaredy. The next day we woke up and found out there was no wifi or phone signal. At the same time we wanted to let our family know we were safe, so we walked out of the dorm and trying to find a place where our phone could work.

We walked to Union Square and the whole square was in a totally mess. Trees were broken by the wind and lie down on the ground, there were so many weird stuff all over the ground. To be honest at that time it looks like the end of the world. The dorm was out of electricity and the whole basement was drawn in the water.

I asked Lulu what she remember about the Hurricane Sandy, she told me there had terrible thunders at the night Sandy boarded at City, but I don’t remember this at all. She said it was freezing but in my memory I thought it was just a little bit cold.

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