Bridge 3 Reflection


1. Documentation of your process sketches / prototypes / notes / material explorations

2. Documentation images of your finalized piece

3. A written statement outlining your ideas and your strategies for putting the concept into form

In order to portray and raise awareness about the twenty-thousand hidden dead body under the park we made use of metal wire as our main material. The color and texture of the material not only reflects the form of  bones but it resists any sort of weather that might affect the park when viewers pay attention to it. With the context of halloween being presented around the time our project took place, we took this opportunity to shine light on this incident. The idea of “Halloween or History” as justified on wire ribcage, was emphasized through the form of the body shapes we made. Halloween is all about what people dress like on the surface, history is about the meaning and the depth of the events so with regards to this observation some of the body parts we made were two dimensional and others were three. The three dimensional body parts were displayed on the ground to give the feeling that they were reaching out before they got forgotten and the two dimensional ones were attach to tree branches giving a sense of death.

4. A written reflection on the Bridge that includes explorations of the following:

– What was the most challenging aspect of collaborating with your group?

The most challenging aspect of collaborating with my group was figuring out who got how much done in different aspect of the project. Due to the distance that was present between all of us outside of class some of us had to do more individually at home. Another difficult aspect was finding time for all of us to get together at the same time and getting certain steps done.

– Did you find anything surprising throughout the translating process?

Surprisingly playing and figuring out how to use wire for this project made us realize how making it a certain form can drastically change the tone of the message. Therefore making it three dimensional and two dimensional allowed us to show different perspectives to the viewers.

– What were some things you will take away from the feedback you received in crit?

One thing that I can take away from this project is for the next time to  focus more how visually involved the piece with regards to the context in which it is presented.  Another aspect I thought about from the crit is how convincing the texture of the material is relative to the form of the idea it’s representing. So for example a thicker medium of wire could’ve more emphasized the idea of bones.


– What do you think was successful about your piece?

What I believe was successful about our piece was the way in which the piece directed the eyes of the viewers through the project. There was a nice motion from the ground to the explanation on the wire rib cage and onto the two dimensional body parts on the branches. Furthermore, I believe the idea of wire body parts was blatant enough for people to recognize the concept of death and it’s relation to the place. Additionally,  the location chosen by our group in an isolated side of the park to showcase our project was very convenient and relevant to portray the idea of death and cemetery.

– What do you think was unsuccessful about your piece? Things that you would change in retrospect?

What I think was unsuccessful in our piece was the visual involvement of the piece and how it stood out with its green environment. The shape of the wire had to really be paid attention to if one wanted to recognize the message the material was meant to send. Something I could think of for that aspect of the material is to get thicker wire that stands out more and produce it in quantity.


+ Any other additional thoughts /feelings / take-aways


** All posts should be uploaded and a link emailed to me by the assignment deadline **


Grading breakdown (30 POINTS TOTAL)

5 POINTS — Process photos

Exploration of material/concept is clearly shown through sketches, notes and other material investigations

5 POINTS — Project Statement

Clearly states project’s intentions and conceptual underpinnings as well as reasoning for material choices / presentation strategy

5 POINTS — Documentation of final project

Images are thoughtfully composed and edited, all extraneous materials are removed from background, lighting is considered.

15 POINTS — Written Reflection 

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