Assignment 7: The beauty of data visualization

1. Purpose of the video:

The TED talk revolved around the essence of data visualization and what it truly means to contain all that information. McCandless expands on the use of large sources of content at his advantage for efficient and rapid analysis. Essentially David’s whole purpose during the talk was to emphasize how important and efficient it can be to quantify through qualitative data, how useful it can be for spotting a pattern and understanding the core of an issue. He further shares how his large assimilation of data was made through tremendous hours of swimming in immense pools of data and how it finally paid off as he was  later able to create specific filters to clearly spot any topic a researcher may seek related to McCandless’s own data collection.


2. What did I learn:

I learned that to properly identify a solution, a large quantity of information needs to be gathered and analyzed in order to select the correct solution without negatively affected many or none of the other factors of a system. Furthermore, I learned that while collecting data and ranking it by region or sector can be tricky and in certain situations it’s impossible to properly compare two subjects if they largely differ in scale. Certain subjects apparent in several different sectors may have to be analyzed indiviually in order to fully understand to what extend the pattern is reliable.

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