Assignment 8 “bending geography”

Assignment descriptions:

1. Find a map of one of your town, city or neighborhood and see how much you can
remove from it (such as secondary streets) and how much you can abstract features
such as parks, rivers, roads and train tracks by using simple geometric forms: squares,
rectangles, triangles, circles and simple lines.
2. Can you accomplish this without your map losing its recognition and function for
navigation? What does the result look like? You may be surprised how beautiful the
neighborhood looks in a simplified graphic form.
3. Medium to use: 2D – hand drawing + markers or color pencils, collage style
(cutting and pasting on a board), vectors (Adobe illustrator), Photoshop, 3D modeling
technique – hand or laser cut, making center shop (foam core, chip board,
architectural wood + Plexiglas, etc.)

I learned that simplifying data in a graphic way can attract the readers interest and quickly give relevant directions they may need for their activities. Furthermore, I learned that this method completely blends in with our modern way of living where people don’t keep their eyes on anything for more than a few minutes which therefore leads us seek captivate skills in order to send a message.



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