Energy assignment 3

  • Name One of the three ways energy is generated in the US and display an image relating to this. Write a caption for each image briefly describing what type of generation this is and the aspect that stood out to you and why.

This way of delivering energy showcased in the picture above encapsulates the use of coal in order to power infrastructures, residential neighbourhoods. One of the most surprising facts to learn from the history of this type of generation is that it tremendously emphasized the a new business model that relied of economy of scale. These methods may not seem so lucrative anymore but it’s crucial to understand the beginnings of these resources in order to analyze the more complex situation we face in the modern day.

  • The author Koreth discusses the future of 4 types of renewable energy, what are they? Display an image for ONE renewable energy source. Write a caption as to what specifically does she mention in the way of its benefit and limitations? Be specific and explain why.

Koreth discusses the very future or solar, wind, bio-fuels and hydro power. Above is shown a picture of a residence using solar panels as a source of energy. The benefit of having a community or at least a collective set of solar panels as she mentions in the article is that “it doesn’t get much easier or cheaper to build multi-state power lines just because there’s a field of solar panels at one end, instead of a coal plant. The limitations however, is that “The capacity factor of wind and solar power is particularly”, and therefore it requires a lot more space to generate as much energy.


  • Display an image depicting the main energy source of your hometown? Add a caption to describe the energy source and add a comment on how you would change this if you could? Explain your reason if there is any change

The energy source shown above is hydro, hydro is by far the most productive source of energy vancouver strives on. It would be hard to consider changing this model because it is by far more renewable than fossil fuels and it is far from human habitats that could get hurt by an unfortunate outcome of this system.

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