Assignment 11- reading chapter 3




Bringing idea into the world:


  • Understanding the concept (in way that could easily be explained to anybody)
  • Understanding how to present the subject (in a way that relates to the client’s needs)
  • How to easily convey a message (In the most inclusive and understandable matter)


Creating sustainable concepts:


  • Understanding how the product could be less demanding on resources
  • Informing the client on the benefit of sustainable solution
  • What are the large and small scale effects the product has on the environment


  • Making sure the materials used for the product are recyclable


  • Produce influx of ideas
  • Enable creativity
  • Record the whole process of the spread of ideas

Rules of Brainstorming:

  • Having an agenda
  • Having a facilitator
  • Encourage ideas
  • Set a time limit
  • Follow up and revisit


  • Listing Pros and Cons (choose between option & eliminate alternatives)
  • Visualize and sketch (collect images and data make visual correlations)
  • Scamper gaining insight on development:

Substitute – Combine – Adapt – Minimize/Magnify – Eliminate – Reverse

Presenting concepts


  • Practice presentation
  • Cover all the bases
  • Speak to your audience
  • Be excited
  • Welcome feedback
  • Present options
  • Bring Samples


  • Assume knowledge on behalf of anybody
  • Rush over gaps and problems
  • Present fillers
  • Spend more time on the content than the presentation
  • Present irrelevant and half completed models
  • Assume presentation technology will work as it should
  • Panic

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