Assignment 13 Wacky Vendo



Practicing Public space observation

Challenge: You have been asked by an industrial design firm to create a new kind of vending machine- one whose contents would fit the needs of your local neighborhood.

1. What could you sell within this vending machine that would make sense for your local market?

I would sell what is needed for rough weather circumstances, beverages and refreshments as well as souvenirs for memorable times.

2. How would you design the physical shape of the machine to stand out from the soda machines that we’ve all grown used to?

See design below*

3. Based on the contents of your machine, do you have unique space requirements?

The machine is designed to fit various environments, the features of the machine involve weather proof materials however, for sustainable use the solar panels above the machines should only work efficiently outdoors and therefore that may be the preferred location.

4. Will you need electricity in order to keep thinks refrigerated or heated?

Solar panels would be situated above the machine to provide a complete positive feedback loop however, there are outlets at the back of the machine allowing anyone to plug it to any electric supply facility available in your area.

5. How would you handle monetary transactions?

Money would automatically get collected in a secured steal container located below the supply holders and only the owners of the machines could obtain the key or code that permit full access to the funds collected in the machine.


vending machine-2lmhl5t


This information allowed me notice how these machines in such environments dictate how people think of what they need, it’s almost as if they don’t think for themselves for they’re own needs. These machines do the thinking for us and somehow people would rather adjust to the options provided by these machines than provide alternatives. These predominant values could misinform the citizen about what he needs and therefore I was surprised by how important it is as a designer to provide absolute relevant resources for everyone.

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