Assignment 17 Design exploration TED talk



TED talk (kids and city planning):

The ted talk gravitated around the concept of creativity in a constrained circumstances. The lady evaluated the values of kids in their plan making and analyzed their priorities in order to understand how everyone could benefit from the solutions the kids provided. From such observations it was obvious that the kids weren’t going to have something totally feasible but at least their values would be highlighted throughout a solution that could be carried out. In that matter she emphasize that kids have resources that are limited compared to adults and therefore their design thinking process is relevant and inclusive to many more people.

TED talk (Creativity and zoning)

The speaker was a potter artist focused on the career in question until he learned to think further than his studio and share his potential. He talks about expanding his knowledge on zoning in order to expand his resources and improve the sense of community in his area. He speaks about a house he bought that eventually hosted and shared many of the community’s inhabitants values and he talks about analyzing the phenomenon of that space to finally expand the scale of such positive impact. So he come to the conclusion that to improve the space of a community and stimulate activity there has to be some kind of interaction with the people who live there and understanding of what their needs, there has to be a conversation between the owners and the customers/clients


What I learned from the talk is that is that creativity involves much more than one body, it involves people around you to communicate where everyone’s benefit could be met in an inclusive environment. Furthermore I learned that no matter how much I learn about constraints and how dangerous and real they are, as designers we still have to actively seek creativity where it lacks and stimulated it through our actions, words and more importantly our projects.


Harlem is a community with a lot of history with my focus being the art and it’s potential in the neighbourhood, I believe interacting with the community about the subject to receive feedback upon where it belongs would be a good use of those TED talks. Furthermore creativity encourages creativity, these speakers have inspired me to build a solution that is flexible and adjustable to the evolving art  around the community so that everyone’s gets to incorporate their creativity in what the is showcased around the neighbourhood.

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