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Jane Jacobs vs Robert Moses: Urban Fight of the Century (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

– Paying attention to this video on Jane Jacob’s impact on cities I realized Robert Moses thought automobiles were the future of cities and it made me ponder on the relevance of transportation systems and if that concept could merge with living environments.

-Watching Jane Jacob’s work with cities I understood that projects of that scale can have as much benefit and harm so having this double edged sword makes more complex to pursue something productive

Conversation From our Archive: Chicago's 1995 Heat Wave (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

–As I looked into the 1995 Heatwave conversation it made me ponder upon the design thinking of a leader who wants to provide safe spaces for productive individual lifestyle. Many deaths occurred due to many factors but mostly loneliness and lack of feeling that they belong. So in pursuit of such feeling I questioned what truly makes someone feel home and if anyone knows how does everybody else educate themselves to help one reach that much wanted destination.


Exposing Housing Discrimination: A Conversation with Marge Turner and Justin Carter (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

What struck me about this conversation with Marge Turner and Justin Carter that elaborated on housing discrimination, is that these ideals and concepts are often times used against people of colour. Until today many neighbourhoods that remain safe and expensive also remain exclusive and deny property to wealthy folks of colour and I wonder which laws could be studied and modified to address such situation.


When I clicked on this link that led me to the title “Cooperation vs Gentrification” , I noticed that this was proof that when people are given and platform to change their life they can indeed do something positive instead of taking it for granted. With regards to my attempt at targeting what harlem could seek for sustainable community I wonder if giving the neighbourhood a platform to perform on could increase their chances of taking matter into their own hands.

Black Land Matters
 – Watching this document that expanded on research about circumstances in Costa Rica, it made think about what truly stimulates a sense of family ina community and how such bond could be used to make a change around the people who seek. On the other hand I also wondered what is the source of division and why do people avoid group thinking for a better environment.


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