Assignment 21 – Revision and modeling

1: What will you design ?


  1. Design thesis proposal:

Study an empty plot that is frequented by many in the neighbourhood and design it as an open gallery for creatives to rely on a platform locally and attract opportunities as opposed to seeking them. The making of such project would involve communication between architects and local artists that seek to make a change in their community.


2: Sketches



  1. The design of this project compared to the Bridge 3 overview is a model that only covers the specific are in which interactions will take place


  1. The model scale is half the prototype I made in Bridge 3 and therefore will be a medium sized model.


  1. When it comes to the level of detail I’m willing to go in depth with a model that showcases the possible experience a human being could enjoy in that space.


2: What is its Nature?


  1. My model will cover and achieve a creative sense of aesthetics that also provides great functionality for the many visitors of the area. To stimulate both function the architecture of the model is curvilinear,leading visitors to unconsciously follow the round walls around covered with art.
  2. I will use my model as a template to tell a story about creative experiences that are highlighted through my research.
  3. No I won’t.
  4.                 [ Materials Components ] Cardboard, foam board, plexi glass, markers, paper
  5. A second list based on what ???


3: Who is it for ?


  1. I cannot change it because it is for everyone.
  2. Yes and that is why I’m changing it by building this platform.


4: Why is it Needed ?

  1. Yes
  2. Not anymore
  3. There aren’t
  4. I will present it as an architectural model
  5. Creativity
  6. No.


5: What are the Benefits of your design ?


  1. Space for creativity, enjoyable experience for visitors, organized circulation.


6: Why is this interesting ?


  1. It’s more interesting because it changes the narrative of a location frequented by many who refer to commutes everyday as means for reach a space.


7: How will you proceed ?


  1. Physical


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