(W 8) Circumventing preconceptions beyond restrictions

Perhaps what remains intriguing to me as I observe the presence of this structure is the fact that I agree with “The feeling of release and of being invited into an extension of one’s personal acceptances in the usual preconceived notion of  “HOUSE””. One can’t help but wonder how the rectilinear patterns of this house along with it’s vibrant hues could ever coordinate with the organic presence of such trees within minimal distance of the home. It symbolizes one’s attempts at stepping out of the comfort zone but more importantly it creates the a pattern of conversation between the host and guest, the host retains the element of inclusiveness through that question formulated by the visitor. Furthermore the study of this house revolves around the free-use of the space allowing the modern man to inhabit the absence of his preconceptions or perhaps just challenge his misconceptions. These ideals are illustrated by the blatant placement of windows largely place along the facade expanding the visitor’s perception of the space but also through natural lighting breaking the concept of a binary threshold. One can’t always clearly make the argument that they’re inside or outside, the imposing presence of the trees nearby stimulate the feeling of the outdoor so one can visually remain in nature but physically stay within the containment of the house.  Additionally the wide range of colours across the face of the rectangular house highlight the presence of the house within it’s surroundings, one can clearly identify a precise moment of freedom being celebrated within the grounds of a natural landscape. The bright conversation around this study stays around one’s exploration beyond the ubiquitous sense of  home but more importantly how these ideals are reached through the making and realization of the final structure expressed in that context.

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